Photo of Dyson Ball Multifloor II UP19MF Vacuum from Heirloom Sewing Supply

Dyson Ball Multifloor II UP19MF Vacuum

Dyson's Ball Multi Floor II has unrivaled power with Dyson Suction, all while being light to maneuver. The slimmer design actually allows the Multi Floor II to turn on a dime, steering smoothly into difficult areas. Ideal for homes with hardwood, tile and carpets, the Multi Floor II has an advanced self-adjusting cleaner head that automatically adjusts between all floor types - sealing in the suction for a powerful clean across your entire home. In one smooth action the wand & hose release to clean up high as well as under the furniture. There's no need to get your hands dirty - with hygienic bin emptying you just push the button to release the dirt. It's that easy! Whole-machine HEPA filtration ensures that allergens & bacteria are trapped inside the machine, not expelled back into the home. The Dyson free 5 year warranty covers parts & labor, plus free shipping there and back.
Manufacturer: Dyson
MSRP: $399.99
Category: Vacuums
Model: DY-22763301
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